Quick inflate, better user experience

High velocity tubeless valves set, extra 4-way air channels significantly increase the efficiency of inflating your tires, also compatible with air-liner insert.
Updated v-shaped rubber plug enhances air tightness and durability. Darken valve core unify the color way of the whole valve, it still looks great even without the tool cap.
The valve set comes with a few spare parts, Presta to Schrader adapter, O-ring, valve core, v-shape rubber plug, color nuts, color caps, tool caps. Additional parts not only increase the life span of the set, they also let you switch color base on your preference.




    55 / 65 / 80 mm

    Machined Aluminum Alloy


  • akit_valve_kits_g
    1. Remove the cap, nut and o-ring from the valve.
    2. Insert the valve into the valve hole.
    3. Place the o-ring first, then the nut onto the valve.
    4. Tighten the nut with no more than 2Nm of torque for airtight.
    5. Install and inflate the tire, inspect again for tightened nut.
    6. Tool cap is a handy tool when you need to remove the Valve Core while adding sealant.


    1. Over-tighten the nut can result in o-ring deformation and rim surface scratches.
    2. Choose the valve length NO SHORTER THAN 15mm above the rim height to acquire more efficient and easier tire inflating experience.