Hassle free, wrapping, pumping, ready to go!
  • FeaturesExclusive multi layer TPU material rim tape. Designed and manufactured specifically for TLR (Tubeless Ready) wheel system, offering outstanding air-tight performance.
    While also work perfectly with tube type wheel system.
    The tape resist ultra high pressure up to 200 psi with single layer setup. Furthermore, it's soft yet easy to wrap and possible to inflate the road tires with floor pump.
    1. Please refer to the Support > Manuals for details.
    2. Positioning the tape evenly on the rim bed, both side of the tape need to extend upward to the vertical plane around 1~2mm.
    3. Use our specific rolling presser or plastic material (smooth edge, no sharp contacts) tire lever to press the tape, make it attach firmly to the rim bed and the both side sidewall inner corners.
    4. Applying one layer to the rim bed, overlapping the end to the beginning of the tape 3~5cm then cut off. Do not apply multiple layers on one rim.
  • MaterialTPU Complex
  • Width
    • 25mm
    • 30mm
  • Length4.2M  ( For 2 wheels )
  • NOTE
    • Maximum 200 psi.
    • Overlapping Instruction only print at begining of 1st wheel section, simply do the same for 2nd wheel.
    • Please read the instruction manual carefully before use.
  • OriginMade in Taiwan.
  • MSRP$ 14.99