Never stop again because of flat tires.
ONEAER engineering team dedicate to TLR system wheels & products. To improve the user experience of tubeless ready system wheel, high performance exclusive tire sealant were presented to the market after 5 years R&D jobs in the lab.

Back in earlier days, there were no high pressure resistant tire sealant product in the market for road bike TLR wheels. The team study various materials and combinations, developed exclusive MCC ingredients (Micro Carbon Crystal). It seals up the puncture rapidly and resist high pressure up to 130 psi. Besides, ultra low temperature resisting formula (anti-frozen up to -30°C) allowing CO2 bullet gas application compatible, trouble free and fluent flowing. The sealant is fully water soluble, allowing the clean and maintenance job easier than ever. Just do it with water.

ONEAER tubeless ready system sealant, deal with tire punctures in a lightening moment and you barely feel the tire pressure drop. Bring you to a new level of experience with TLR wheel systems.
  • 60mL / Bottle $ 3.3
  • 1L / Bottle $ 45
  • 60mL x 20 Bottles / Inner Box $ 66
Max tire pressure 130 psi
Operating temperature -30°C to +80°C
Storage life 2 years. In the condition of well sealed, away from sun and heat.
Origin Made in Taiwan
Per wheel dosage
  • 30mL for 700 x 23c, 700 x 25c
  • 45mL for 700 x 28c, 700 x 32c
  • 60mL for 700 x 35c
  • 75mL for 29” x 1.75, 29” x 1.9
  • 90mL for 29” x 2.1, 29” x 2.3
  • 120mL for 29” x 2.6, 29” x 2.8
  1. Please shake evenly before use "1L / Bottle", and use the funnel to fill in "60mL / Bottle" ( included in 1L / Bottle ), then follow the instructions below.
  2. Shake well before use.
  3. Position the valve at 4 o’clock direction, unscrew the valve core with valve core key.
  4. Pour the proper amount of sealant into valve. Squeezing the bottle if necessary.
  5. Screw the core back into valve and tighten it with the key.
  6. Spin and bounce the wheel freely to make sure the sealant distribute thoroughly inside the tire and sealing the air leaks.

It Workable For Tubular Tires?

Yes. ONEAER sealant with MCC (Micro Carbon Crystal) blended in, even with high pressure tubular tires scenario, small punctures are no way to stop you keep moving forward.

Will It Work? To Fill Up The Sealant After A Puncture.

It will work. However, it's highly recommended to use the sealant right after the tire installation, prior any ride.

How Often Do We Need To Refill It?

Suggest to add 15~30ml every two months, remove the tire and clean it thoroughly and renew the sealant every 6~9 months. After each puncture and repairing, better to double check in order to maintain the ideal repairing performance.

Does The Existing Sealant Need To Be Removed And Cleaned Prior Filling Up The New Sealant?

With other existing sealant inside the tire, please clean it up before using ONEAER sealant to achieve the designated performance. Using ONEAER sealant subsequently is needless to remove and clean.