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Thank you for choosing ONEAER product.
We made products not only stunning, lightweight but most importantly, reliable. The best way to convince you to believe us is by a good warranty program.

Lifetime Support - Repair

ONEAER provides lifetime warranty service to all wheelset series. If the wheel(s) is repairable after our inspection, the damaged part(s) will be replaced or repaired.
If it costs, we will let you know.

Rim Warranty - Replacement

If the rim(s) is considered unsafe, we have replacement programs according to below areas.


    Only purchase from official online store ( ) is accepted.

    In 3 years time from purchase, damaged rim can be replaced up to 2 times, free of charge.

    1. Damaged wheel/parts should be send back to factory and will not be returned to customer.
    2. If the damage is caused by traffic accident, please provide case report or pictures to support your claim.

    After 3 years, you can replace a new wheel set with half price as many times as you like.

    1. Damaged wheel/parts should be send back to factory and will not be returned to customer.
    2. Rim replacement program is not applicable.
  2. JAPAN

    2. 〒619-0216 京都府木津川市州見台4丁目1-5 新興ビル301
    3. +81 774-39-7757
  3. INDIA

    1. Ciclo Essentials
    2. B-55A, SAHAKAR MARG, JAIPUR -302005

    Please provide ① detailed photos of rim damage, ② photos of rim serial number, ③ photos of proof of purchase, and email to
    We will reply to you as soon as possible with according warranty procedures.

Rim Warranty Does Not Cover

  1. Normal wear and tear.
  2. Self-disassembly, assembly and modification.
  3. Malicious damage.
    Malicious damage and dishonest about the warranty are unacceptable, violator will be cancelled the privilege of the warranty and reserve the right of legal prosecution.
  4. Not purchased by the original purchaser (Second hand product).

Warranty Procedure

When you suspect your wheels are malfunctioning:

  1. Stop using immediately.
  2. Send back the wheels to service center where you pick up.
  3. Once the service center accepts the case, we will keep you update with the progress.
  4. Other charges from service centre (e.g. bike disassemble) is not covered in ONEAER warranty.