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Do you know how to pronounce ONEAER ?


[ wən er ]


ONEAER founded in TAIWAN in 2019 but built upon a carbon specialist with more than 30 years of experience.

We proudly design and create gorgeous yet premium performance carbon wheelsets and accessories for riders who have high expectations.

With a short period of time, we have gain great reputation in Japan and we will keep refining our products with precious feedbacks from athletes and weekend warriors.

Professionalism and wheel identification

All of our wheels are handcrafted, quality controlled by experienced builders. Detail information such as rim number, trueness, roundness, hub batch number, spoke tension, weight etc. are stored online for customers to access. Every wheel comes with its own ID certificate, all the technical data is ready to be reviewed by simply scanning the QR code.

Precision Crafting Process

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Carbon Fiber Engravement Technology

With cutting edge carbon fiber manufacturing skills, the finished rims require no additional sanding, putty and painting after moulding process. As a result, super lightweight and unique raw finishing can be achieved.

DX and RX series both come with exclusive laser treatment for subtle but phenomenal graphic design. We stand behind all ONEAER products.

You Can't Feel What You Can't See

Do you enjoy cycling?
The process of cycling is slow, hard and challenges. Talk to yourself and understand your inner self. The results will take you to a higher level that you have never touched before.