Propel you forward effortlessly with precision and stability

Featuring innovative RCS hub by ONEAER, experience the ultra-responsive pedaling with 120 engagement points every rotation. The pinnacle of carbon rims meets our signature hub, together with 100% hand craft assembly, culminating in a true masterpiece.
Optimized stiffness to weight ratio with ultralight mid depth profile rims, your best friend on the climbs. Tubeless ready for better compliance and less rolling resistance, to support all your powerful pedal strokes.

  1. Weight :1320 grams
  2. Rim Height :38 mm
  3. Brake Type :Disc Brake
  4. Tubeless Ready (TLR) :Yes
  5. Clincher (inner-tubes) :Yes
  6. Hub :ONEAER RCS
  7. Spoke :Pillar Wing20 Aero

Advanced Engineering Reinforced

Crafting lightweight yet high-quality performance rims remains our unwavering core philosophy.

“Advanced Engineering Reinforced” is our value behind all the manufactures and we stand behind all ONEAER products.

Culminating in a true masterpiece

Paired with ONEAER premium rims, this signature hub stands as an epitome of precision and design.

Every spin speaks of craftsmanship, every ride becomes an experience a fascinating industrial design in component engineering.

Professionalism and wheel identification

All our wheels are handcrafted by experienced builders. Quality control detailed information such as rim serial number, trueness, roundness, hub batch number, spoke tension, weight etc. are stored online for customers accessing.
Every wheel comes with its own ID certificate, all the technical data is ready to be reviewed by simply scanning the QR code on its ID.

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  • Weight (± 3%)

    1320 g
  • Front / Rear Weight

    595 / 725 g
  • Brake Type

    Disc Brake
  • Tubeless Ready

  • Clincher (inner-tubes)

  • Maximum Rider Weight

    120 kg

    Rim icon_info.svg

  • Material

    100% Carbon Fiber
  • Height

    38 mm
  • External Width

    26.5 mm
  • Internal Width

    20.1 mm
  • Recommended Tire Width

    700 x 25 ~ 32c
  • Maximum PSI / Bar

    120 / 8.3
  • Outer Spoke Holes

    Yes ( Rim Tape Required )


  • Model

  • Type

    J-bend & Straight Pull
  • Break Interface

    Center Lock
  • Axle System

    12 x 100 / 12 x 142 mm
  • Freehub System

    Rapid Clutch System
  • Cassette Body

    SHIMANO 11-12s, SRAM XDR 12s


  • Model

    Pillar Wing20 Aero
  • Front / Rear Count

    24 / 24
  • Material

    Black Stainless
  • Nipple

    DSN External Alloy

Introducing ONEAER RCS

ONEAER's newly developed RCS hub boasts an ultra-responsive and smooth rotation efficiency. Its rapid clutch system uses a six-pawl mechanism, with three pawls engaging while the other three are in a semi-clutch state. The whole mechanism are engaging every 3 degrees, resulting in 120 engagement points per revolution.

The approach of spoke combination deploy both J-bend and straight pulls, positioning the straight pull side spokes further towards the center of the wheel. This design ensures more even angles and tensions on both side spokes, further enhancing performance and durability.

Cassette body tool-free releasing mechanism, allowing a more convenient and easier regular maintenance job, such as cleaning and greasing.

RCS + CeramicSpeed

The RCS CS equipped with Six 6 CeramicSpeed bearing in front & rear.

◆ Extremely low friction

◆ Improved power transfer

◆ 3-5 times longer lifetime compared to industry standards

All CeramicSpeed Bearings are hand-built in Denmark. Super smooth CeramicSpeed grade 3 Silicon Nitride balls are matched (within microns) with hardened steel raceways that feature an ultra-smooth polished groove.

During the building process, we check each bearing four times by hand to ensure that all parts are matched perfectly. CeramicSpeed Balls are 400% smoother, 128% harder and 58% lighter than standard steel bearings normally used in the bicycle industry. When comparing the CeramicSpeed Balls with other ceramic balls in the industry, you will find that the CeramicSpeed Balls are 15% harder, take 99% higher loads and are 100% smoother.

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Thank you for choosing ONEAER product.
We made products not only stunning, lightweight but most importantly, reliable. The best way to convince you to believe us is by a good warranty program.

Lifetime Support - Repair

ONEAER provides lifetime after service to all series wheel products. If the wheel(s) is repairable after our inspection, the damaged part(s) will be replaced or repaired at certain cost (or not).